Leadership Groups & Recognition Levels


More than 13,000 individuals and 400 businesses contributed $3.35 million to our annual campaign last year. Of that total, over $1 million came from our leadership donors.
We are deeply grateful to those who choose United Way as their philanthropic partner. Leadership donors, in particular, inspire others to join them in providing hope and opportunities to individuals in need and strengthening our community.


Recognition is based on total giving, which may include corporate gifts, employee donations, and/or special event.  See more information about each level below.


Major Firms employ 50 or more local people. Leadership recognition levels for this category are:

  •     Pewter: $500-$999
  •     Bronze: $1,000-$4,999
  •     Silver: $5,000-$9,999
  •     Gold: $10,000-$19,999
  •     Platinum: $20,000-$49,999
  •     Platinum Plus: $50,000+

Medium Firms employ 20-50 local people. Leadership recognition levels for this category are:

  •     Bronze: $500-$999
  •     Silver: $1,000-$2,999
  •     Gold: $3,000-$4,999
  •     Platinum: $5,000-$9,999
  •     Platinum Plus: $10,000+

Small businesses employ less than 20 local people. Leadership recognition levels for this category are:

  •     Bronze: $500-$999
  •     Silver: $1,000-$2,999
  •     Gold: $3,000-$4,999
  •     Platinum: $5,000+



The Alexis de Tocqueville Society has ten nationally recognized levels for personal or family gifts ranging from $10,000 to over $1 million. Pledges made at this level ensure the continuation of health and human service needs all year long.

The society is named for the French aristocrat who, in the 1830's, wrote of his admiration for the American spirit of goodwill. This was a concept he found to be uniquely American.

  •     Members de la Societe: $10,000-$24,999
  •     Ordre de Liberte: $25,000-$49,999
  •     Ordre d'Egalite: $50,000-$74,999
  •     Ordre de Fraternite: $75,000-$99,999
  •     La Societe Nationale: $100,000-$249,999

United Way of Siouxland's Tocqueville Step Up Program offers the opportunity to reach the Tocqueville level of giving over time. Donors contribute a minimum of $5,000 the first year, then increase their annual gift each year, over the following three years until they reach $10,000

For stepping up to this challenge, members of this program will be recognized nationally each year at the Tocqueville level as well.

National recognition is given by United Way of America to philanthropists who pledge at exceptional levels.


During the late 1880's, a period of dynamic economic and community growth for Siouxland, Arthur Samuelson Garretson stood tall as a leader in this region poised for the 20th century. In tribute to his spirit of enterprise, community development, and concern for Siouxland's future, this recognition level is named to honor him.

An individual gift, or joint gift with a spouse, of $1,000 or more is given by those individuals who believe their gift will make a difference in the lives of Siouxland residents.

  •     Community Patron: $1,000-$1,499
  •     Community Samaritan: $1,500-$1,999
  •     Community Enhancer: $2,000-$2,499
  •     Community Builder: $2,500-$2,999
  •     Community Developer: $3,000-$3,999
  •     Community Investor: $4,000-$4,999
  •     Community Founder: $5,000-$5,999

UNITED WAY OF SIOUXLAND'S CARING SOCIETY recognizes leadership gifts between $500-$999. These gifts, whether individual or combined with a spouse, represent a strong foundation for our annual campaign. Members of this group have proven their commitment to our community and understand that we live our mission to make a real difference in Siouxland.

In tribute to Arthur Samuelson Garretson's spirit of community, United Way of Siouxland has named our philanthropic society in his honor.