Frequently Asked Questions

We create solutions to build a stronger Siouxland. We focus on improving education, strengthening financial stability, and making our community healthier. But we don't do it alone. We fund 31 programs with community partners who are engaged with us to advocate community-led solutions. 

Our dedicated community volunteers make funding decisions based on continuous evaluation of programs and services using data driven results to assure that impact is being made toward community goals.

Yes we do, and you can find it here.

Giving to agencies is important because many programs are needed to help in times of crisis and need, but United Way is focused on getting to the root cause of why people face challenges in the first place. By giving to United Way, you can be sure your donation is invested in strategies to make a lasting change and that community volunteers are continuously evaluating these programs to ensure that programs our donors invest in are making a measurable impact in Siouxland.

Everyone in the community! United Way's holistic approach ensures that those who need a hand up the most will have access to the resources to build the necessary skills and improve their situation. Because this approach is different than a hand out, our entire community will benefit.

Siouxland offers a wide variety of programming to support local needs. United Way has developed a Community Resource Guide that can point you in the right direction. 

When you donate to United Way of Siouxland, your contribution helps support many local programs. Here's how it works:

  • We add up campaign donations received.
  • Some donations are designated to specific agencies/goal areas.
  • The rest of the donations go into the Community Impact grant process to address Siouxland’s biggest needs.
  • Volunteers check the financial health of each applicant and evaluate grant applications to make sure the money is used effectively.
  • Annual reporting is required for each funded program.

Donations to Women United and Le Mars United Way have their own separate grant review processes.



United Way has always been careful to maintain extraordinarily low overhead costs. Last year, our administrative costs were just 17%, well below the national average. 

While keeping overhead costs low is important, we also proudly hold ourselves - and our funded partners - to high standards in other equally important areas of performance measurement: transparency, governance, leadership, and most importantly - results! These metrics are key when assuring donors of the quality programs and services being provided in our community.

Members of our community make up our Board of Directors and Community Impact Teams. These dedicated, local volunteers provide oversight to the management of our organizations, as well as make decisions about how donations are invested.

  • United Way of Siouxland is a local, non-profit organization accountable to the local community..
  • United Way Worldwide is the service and training center for United Way, supporting its 1,800 independent members with services that include advertising, training, corporate relations, research, networks, and government relations. 
  • Our local United Way pays a fee for these services (one cent of every dollar raised). The United Way of Siouxland, in turn, gets four times this fee back in campaign contributions and training from United Way Worldwide. For every $1 paid to United Way Worldwide, United Way of Siouxland receives over $3.75 in the form of donations from large corporations who support United Way's work throughout their service area.  These donations are used to help support local programs and services.

No, United Way of Siouxland does not and has never funded Planned Parenthood. Each local United Ways has their own board of directors and funding decisions are made by local volunteers to ensure the values of the community are upheld.

Out of nearly 1,200 United Ways in the United States, only a small number provide support to Planned Parenthood. Nearly all of the funds are the result of specific requests from individual donors.  

No United Way funds are currently used, or have ever been used to support abortion services.

Please call United Way of Siouxland at 712.255.3551 or email Heather Hennings (, President of United Way of Siouxland.