Funding Opportunities

United Way of Siouxland's mission is to enhance Siouxland's capacity to care for one another by working together through effective partnerships and leveraging resources. A strong community has a system of quality non-profit agencies that offer health and human services to improve the quality of life for all.

We are working toward making lasting changes in our community by fighting for the Health, Education, and Financial Stability of every person in Siouxland. We know that what we do today will impact tomorrow, click here to see our Agenda for Change that serves as a guide to help us on the journey. Decisions for funding are data-based. A partnership with Source for Siouxland and United Way of Siouxland ensures the data collection continues.  

Organizations that qualify for funding: 
Organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or corresponding section of any future federal tax code), or to organizations defined as charitable under Section 170(b)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and its Regulations as presently existing or as hereafter amended. 


Annual Community Impact Funding

United Way of Siouxland developed the community impact process with the philosophy that it is supported by the community, for the community. Therefore, these grant awards are determined by volunteer panels made up of donors, content experts, and community volunteers.

The annual grants are used to invest in a wide array of agency programs and services, with a focus on achieving the goals outlined in our Agenda for Change. As custodians of community contributions, strict accountability is expected and required of all annually funded partner programs.

Click here for the annual community impact funding policy and procedures.

FOCUS Grant Targeting Child Care Solutions for Ages 0 - 5

The FOCUS Grants Program is an outreach of our Community Impact funding process. One-time grants, covering a 2-year funding cycle, will be awarded to programs or initiatives working to address a United Way of Siouxland targeted issue. THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.

Priority will be given to applications that are innovative and collaborative in addressing child care solutions and should include a sustainable fix to ensure long term success. 

Solutions could include: 

  • Increasing safe, quality child care slots

  • Increasing safe, quality infant care slots

  • Maintaining and increasing child care entrepreneurs

  • Innovatively addressing child care for 2nd and 3rd shift workers

  • Creating business and child care partnerships

Click here for FOCUS Grant requirements and instructions. For a sample of application questions, click here

Small Grants 

The Small Grants Program is an outreach of the Community Impact (CI) funding process. These one-time grants, between $1,000 and $5,000 will be awarded to organizations aligned with United Way's priority areas. 

United Way Small Grants Program can be used for projects such as: 

  • Organizational capacity building including strategic planning, governance, and other types of organizational planning and/or development activities
  • Program planning and/or development
  • Emergency expenses associated with capital expenditures
  • Unforeseen capital expenditures necessary to provide services to clients
  • Public education and advocacy in alignment with UWS community impact outcomes

Small Grant Eligibility and Instructions can be found HERE

Small Grant application can be found HERE.