Campaign Toolkit



Feel free to use these items at any time. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact United Way of Siouxland at 712.255.3551.

Employee Campaign Manager Timeline: 

Prior to Your Workplace Campaign

  • Meet with your United Way team member to get your campaign materials and talk about how you can maximize your campaign
  • Meet with your CEO or Leadership Team to determine a volunteer project, timeline, goals, pledge forms vs. ePledge, strategies and incentives for your workplace campaign
  • Create a team from various departments to assist with your campaign
  • Plan and schedule a leadership event
  • Set up time(s) and location(s) for kickoff event and volunteer project. Secure agency speakers, pledge forms, campaign materials, and any incentives or prizes
  • Communicate about United Way’s impact early and often

During Your Workplace Campaign

  • Hold kickoff event and volunteer project
  • Provide pledge forms or ePledge information to everyone!
  • Follow up with employees
  • Think outside the box for new campaign ideas
  • Hold special events to raise additional money and to increase employee engagement (Click Here for list Special Event Ideas)
  • Remind everyone that 100% of donations support programs in Siouxland
  • Report progress regularly
  • Share Pictures

Wrap Up Workplace Campaign

  • THANK everyone involved with the campaign including:  donors, team members, leadership, etc.
  • Work with leadership about posting results
  • Fill out your pledge envelope including your corporate donation form
  • Contact your United Way team member to pick up your packet
  • Develop a plan for year-round updates on how United Way is putting donations to work in the community
  • RELAX!