Frequently Asked Questions: Open Funding Process

The funding cycle will last three (3) years. 

Nonprofit organizations, which primarily serve the Siouxland area, and have held a 501c3 status for a minimum of three (3) years may apply if they meet the eligibility criteria. 

Agencies will receive monthly allocations, with payment deposited via ACH.

Yes. Donors will be able to designate to agencies that have received a United Way of Siouxland grant through Community Impact in the most recent funding year. If an organization applies for funding and is denied, they will not be eligible for designations. 

The Open Funding Process allows nonprofits to apply for programs that fit their organization's mission and are most effective in meeting the changing needs of our community. With this model, nonprofits have more flexibility to adjust services as the needs of individuals and families change which will benefit of our entire community.

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document stating an agency's intention of wanting to submit an application for funding to United Way of Siouxland. This will be the first step in the new Community Impact grant-making process. The Community Impact committee will review each LOI to determine eligibility. Agencies will outline their programming to demonstrate how funding from United Way of Siouxland specifically supports their ability to affect outcomes related to community goals. Programs that most closely align and meet all eligibility criteria invited to apply. 

Agencies are not guaranteed funding if they advance past the LOI. Agencies would still have to submit a program application just like they have under the current Funded Partner network. Those applications will then be scored, with financial allocations determined by a group of volunteers. 

At the end of the funding cycle, which would be in three years. There is not an appeal process.

Yes. After the Letter of Intent (LOI) process has been completed, there will be a grant orientation training about the application process. 

Source for Siouxland, formerly Comprehensive Strategy, is a collaborative, strategic community planning initiative for Siouxland. United Way of Siouxland serves as the Fiscal Agent for Source For Siouxland.

Since April of 1996, the initative has focused its efforts on community planning for positive youth development through data collection, data sharing, early literacy activities, and coordination with community partners to work toward the area's community vision. 

In 2019, an expanded score was developed. This included: five global data indicators, enhanced data analysis, measurement of progress over time, and establishment of an infrastructure to engage the community based on the findings and opportunities. 

Source For Siouxland collects data in five areas: Economic StabilityEducationHealthSafety, and Quality of Life.

Source for Siouxland partners with Growing Community Connections to see what can be done to address the issues in the community found from the indicators. 

A copy of Source for Siouxland's 2021 Community Well-Being & Data Update Report can be found by clicking here. 

Data collected from Source For Siouxland will be used to determine areas of focus for United Way of Siouxland in the new Open Funding Process.