Source For Siouxland

Source for Siouxland, formerly Comprehensive Strategy, is a collaborative, strategic community planning initiative for Siouxland.

An integral and key part of the Siouxland community since April of 1996, Comprehensive Strategy focused its efforts on community planning for positive youth development through data collection, data sharing, early literacy activities, and coordination with community partners to work toward the area's community vision. 

In 2019, an expanded score was developed. This included: five global data indicators, enhanced data analysis, measurement of progress over time, and establishment of an infrastructure to engage the community based on the findings and opportunities. 

From there, Comprehensive Strategy became Source For Siouxland. 

Source For Siouxland collects data in five areas: Economic Stability, Education, Health, Safety, and Quality of Life.

Source for Siouxland partners with Growing Community Connections to see what can be done to address the issues in the community found from the indicators. 

A copy of Source for Siouxland's 2022 Community Well-Being & Data Update Report can be found by clicking here. 

A copy of Source for Siouxland's 2023 Community Well-Being & Data Report can be found by clicking here.